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As a student, Jason created his first website community, World of Clans. A primarily xbox focused community of clans.

The website provided a place for clans to gather into groups, post on forums, enter events and see their teams stats improve with each match played. This also opened the door to broadening many of the ongoing skills and website development experience of student Jason.

Web development has always been a hobby and interest to Jason, and without pursuing it, has built up a growing list of happy clients.

Over the years Jason has worked in various other sectors from events management, to retail, to warehousing and even online gambling. Even if the industry is desperately trying to brand it as “Gaming” – staking money, to win more money is Gambling. We have worked on both gaming and gambling websites.


For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Our philosophy is to empower our clients, and give them the knowledge to run and operate their own websites. 

As start-up founder ourselves we know that costs for a new business website can quickly spiral, and where time sinks can crop up in running your own website. Add on top of that many people don’t know where to start, or what expected costs could be, we can do that in our initial consultation.

We will never make you reliant on us, although we are here for support if you do need us.

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