All About JWC


How much does it cost to hire JWC?

We strive to perform work for companies that is an investment in their website development, rather than an expense. The type of work we do is custom and helps companies have a solidified framework to work from for a long period of time to grow their business.

When companies ask how much we charge for the work we do, we explain the various ways they can work with us. Before we get into that we want to share a couple things to keep in mind when hiring Just Web Consultants.

As you read, consider this:

To hire me full time as an employee at your company would fall into the range of £40K-£60K a year. When you hire me as a consultant for a short term or long term project, you don’t have to invest the yearly salary including health benefits, pension, uniforms, or feeding me rolls and sausage at your office canteen, but still can get access to our years of expertise in web development.

JWC view your business from a unique stance in that we’re giving it a fresh look and can help you identify key opportunities and challenges for your business. Often we work with companies that say, ‘We appreciate your point of view. We have our heads down in the business all the time and it’s hard to look up and see what’s around us. It’s so beneficial having someone from the outside to give us these insights.’ That’s JWC.

JWC are an extension of your team. With any consulting package we work together on we include access to JWC as web development professionals. For example, if you hire JWC for a Website Starter Project or for a Technical Authoring Package, we’re available to answer questions you may have around any website development issue or JWC service.

We’re mobile and do almost all of our work remotely. If you need JWC to visit your office for larger planning meetings with the team, we’re flexible to join. Need us to hop on a call and provide feedback on a particular project? Let us know. Again, when we work together we’re an extension of your team.

Pricing Structure and Timing

The pricing structure JWC have depends on a few variables. How quickly do you need the project completed? Do you want help ongoing where I train your team and provide long term consulting? Is it a short term engagement that you just need help accelerating a particular effort?

The majority of the packages JWC offer have a minimum of a 2 weeks up to a 90 day commitment. To gather the right data, lay out the best plan for your business, and be available to help guide you through the strategy we want to make sure we have enough time to do this right. Right?

For the packages JWC offer, given the above variables, typical costs range from £400-£4K per package.

We’re also available for smaller projects and coaching. Various examples of some of our smaller rates and services are listed below.

The Benefits of Working with JWC

  1. Every client we work with gets our honey. We don’t sell our honey but if you’re a client, you get the hook up. Obviously.
  2. We run a lean operation. We’re very thoughtful of what projects we take on to make sure you’re seeing success in our engagement. We do say no to certain opportunities because we want to say yes to the right ones. So if we say yes to bringing you on as a client that’s us saying two things: A) we believe in you as a business and B) we have what you need to grow your business.
  3. We’ve worked on the brand side, retail side, and B2B software side of the industry. We have a broad view of business and can offer that point of view to help you with your business. This isn’t our first rodeo and I hope it’s not our last.

Want to talk more and see what we can do for your business? Schedule a 15 minute call with JWC.

How payments are handled

No one really likes surprise bills, or unexpected costs. We always discuss costs and fees upfront for this very reason. As our client we would always like you to be able to control the cost of your project with your consultant. Below are some examples of services JWC offer and associated costs.

Hourly Rates
From £35

Some jobs don’t require a full days work, and your first consultation is free, get in touch today.

Services included in hourly rates are:

  1. Website maintenance
  2. Content updates
  3. Graphic assets

Day Rates
From £250

Need a fast turn around on a page or website update? Get a consultant for a few days!

Services included in our day rates are:

  1. Landing page design
  2. WordPress theme change/update
  3. Software consultation

Project Rates
Contact us for more

We are available for longer term project hire, but as a small team, on a very limited basis. Some things just take longer to achieve, and nothing is “overnight”.

Services that may be included are:

  1. Website Starter
  2. Website Upgrade
  3. Technical Authoring

Free Consultation
We offer all new clients a free 1 hour consultation period, the more detailed you are in your initial contact with us, the better this offer. After this consultation, if you are happy to continue working with us, we use quotes and invoices.

When responding to requests, JWC will create and send out a quote, via a secure link to the registered email address. A quote is not an invoice, until accepted. Once accepted it will become an invoice.

Before we undertake work for a new client we create a client account area just for you, and with that is a complete invoice history. All invoices require 50% balance upfront payment. You will be emailed a secure link to view and pay the invoice when it has been created. The final balance is due on the invoice due date, or Service Delivery date, which-ever happens first.

Contract Payments
Some of our services may include contract payments, or recurring charges over a subscription period. Invoices will be generated for these payments but 100% payment is required upon receipt. For full details, please view the website terms and conditions.