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On The Move Carriers

This man and van business needed a simple but catchy website - with a focus on mobile contact

On The Move Carriers had been successfully operating for many years with out a website, but as time went on they decided to at least make a bit more of a permanent mark on the internet than just their regular facebook posts and updates.


As a carrier, On the Move, is quite literally On The Move all the time. They required a website with a focus on mobile contact being promoted to end users prominently. They also wanted to make clear some of the various roles the company carries out beyond just a “Man and Van” company.

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Working directly with the company owner Jim, we helped narrow down the specific fields of work that OTM could be hired for, and how best to promote this work.

OTM does various events and functions all across Scotland and beyond. They even go to the Islands!


Basic 6 Page website, all static data and no maintenance required other than hosting and domain name fees.

Client requested a focus on mobile contact as well as mobile presentation, so the mobile version of the site is more user friendly, but both desktop and mobile website perfectly compliment each other.

Client was able to provide hi resolution images that we were able to incorporate into the website design.

To support the new website, we also made front and back business cards for the client to order as they pleased.


Branding, Design, Marketing, Webdesign, Presentation, Social Media

On The Move Carriers


March 2018

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